kids react to: kpop


she was like

me “ooo…if they’re weird, wut does tht make u? a bitch?”

then she’s like

me “is weird the only words these kids know..? it’s called VOCABULARY, u should try it~”

then THIS happens


now this bitch says

me “have u checked the mirror for the past 12 years…?”

but…there’s always this wonderful-cute-smart-happy kid, who’s like

me “god bless u wonderful child~”

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what they don’t know…

what they don’t know is that i suffer from that same thing.
they don’t know how much suffering we go through because of this condition. 
they don’t know that it’s people like them that make us feel like shit.
they don’t know how insecure we really are.
they don’t know how much we wish it would just go away.
they don’t know is that we do everything we can to try and fix it.
they don’t know is that it’s painful.
they don’t know that sometimes it makes you just want to go over the edge
they don’t know that we are ashamed of ourselves.
they don’t know how inconsiderate they are.
they don’t know that it is a chronic illness and there is NO CURE.

they don’t know anything about it yet they make fun of the people who have it. 

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We’ll be censoring all of Tumblr in order to protest ACTA. Any blog that does not reblog this will be shut down and have all of its content removed.


Reblogging because I googled about this and it seems pretty legit (would you dare distrust google?). Do it guys, just in case.

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fuck group projects.

that’s all.

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Reblog if you love hearing your bias’ laugh.

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That awkward moment on Christmas morning and none of your biases are under your tree…


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need to go to pmall for this album. 

need to go to pmall for this album. 

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a sunggyu-less infinite

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 What’s my name?Lee Hyukjae.

What’s my name?
Lee Hyukjae.

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What’s my name? Lee Hyukjae!

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Hyukjae + ELFs = ♥

Hyukjae + ELFs = 

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During ‘Oops’ where Hyuk sings ‘Are you watching, Choi Siwon?’ the song suddenly stops and Siwon appears. ahahahahaha

dkm XD

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